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Accommodation in Maldives

Based in Maldives, Equator Link Travel serves as a brokerage house for international trade and travel. Having an office in Maldives and professionally educated staff, it provides accommodation as well as ground services near the Indian Ocean. Equator Link ensures simple, easy, and sturdy access to Maldives for potential tour operators.

We aim at providing exceptional services to our customers and strive to build a successful business relationship with them. In order to provide customer friendly environment, all the requests are checked by our customer service representatives and answered within shortest possible duration (typically 24 hours).

Our purpose is to strive for providing best services to our consumers. At Equator Link, Maldives resorts cost less to the customers to facilitate them the most – unlike many operators in Maldives. The team takes care of user experience from beginning of your stay till the end. We provide access to travel consultant throughout the journey, customized itineraries, and a web page to make your stay more delightful and comfortable. Our dedication to providing personalized vacations and the unique stay has been cherished by many all around the world.

If you are looking for the beauty of the beaches, Spas, or even the comfortably soothing water villas in Maldives, Equator Link provides the right choices of Maldives luxury resorts. We will plan your journey making you able to sit back and relax, while we find and present the best activities for your journey and the safe travel pertaining to your interests.  If you are worried about how much Maldives resorts cost, stop worrying about it. Do not hesitate to contact us if you plan to have journeyed for wedding anniversary, honeymoon, accommodation, eco-resorts, group travel, or adventure travel; we guarantee perfectly tailored the experience to our customers.


In the case of any problem, inconvenience, or emergency, please contact the Equator Link in Maldives using the following contact details.

Phone; +960 6893997
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Call us Now; +960 7782454
email; reservation@equatorlink.com
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